at apotheke last night chris marshall was playing some dirty beaches.  today i listened to his music all day, took walks to his music and put it on between every break i took while practicing.  really amazing music and definitely the vibe that i try and create.  also have been really into monster rally, war, and watching this lecture series at harvard by herbie hancock here.  .  also live footage is seeing if we can work with an amazing photographer renato d'agostin.  we went to his studio and were blown away.

a few days ago i just had a recording session with a good friend and amazing sax player danny meyer.  he brought a few friends: colin stranahan (drums), tyler gilmore (electronics and keyboards), kenny warren (trumpet), miho hatori (fx and vocals) and lonnie holley (vocals and piano).  it was definitely a lot of fun and a great experience.  lonnie holley really amazed with his simplicity and beauty of keys and voice. 



back from staatsville upstate nyc for thanksgiving with friends & family.  the weeks leading up to the vacation were very busy and interesting.  i had two shows with the amazing maestro henry threadgill.  the line up was a sextet of henry on flute and bass flute and 3 cellos and 2 double bassists.  we had 8 rehearsals and 2 shows in two weeks.  i learned quite a lot about harmony and complex rhythms, tone rows and improvising within those parameters.  hope to play more shows with this ensemble. 



had a dress rehearsal with an old time collaborator laurie berg. she has been awarded many grants but this one is at dixon place and is a mix of everything she does and creates from dance to jewelry.  She is quite a creative force and an amazing talent!  for this piece she wants me to have a juxtaposition using julee cruise and avante garde sounds.  there will also be a beat oriented fashion runway show featuring her jewelry. here is a link to the show . link.

in 2006 we collaborated on a show at shri yoga studio.  it was a multimedia event with dance, music, poetry, art and visuals.  for that show i met mike thies and we composed the music to freedom happening.  from there on mike and i started live footage about 11 years strong to date.  



just got a big monitor to attach my laptop too.  here is the current rendition

topu music studio

 everything is patching well for now while i wait for my patchbay.  next time i go in the studio with live footage i want to be able to have several inputs for my signal and to really pick and chose what goes into which channel etc.  from now until then i just have to get fluent in routing everything through Left and right channels of my mixer.  today i did it for the first time and was confusing.  i also got samples on my organelle to sample up to 2 seconds.  this was a major feat helped on by shreeswifty he makes patches.  studio goal is to look like this one

listening to: mndsgn



i just ordered a patchbay with some cables and a new wah wah. i need some more filter range for those sweeps and also need some extra volume.  currently i'm having to hit my distortion to boost my signal a little bit.  i'm excited to get the patchbay up and running and finally able to really manipulate my signal path to the fullest.  i think i finally mapped out a good one while i sat at grumpy cafe today with danny. so basically i'll have everything going into a mixer (juno60, rs09, cello, organelle) the left side goes into the left of my ehx stereo delay pedal which continues to the rest of my pedalboard and into another mixer into my echoplex 1 into another set of pedals into my echoplex 2 into my amp into input 1 to be recorded.  the right side of the mixer goes into the right of my ehx delay into my echoplex 3 and into input 2 to be recorded.  i'll put the Fx of the mixer into my re301 tape echo and maybe sherman filterbank once i learn how to use it.

here is a horrible pic of it

here is a horrible pic of it

danny showed me some midi stuff he's been working on.  basically his computer can predict what he's gonna sing with almost 0 latency.  here is a little video of it

last night at apotheke was great.  liz from one of the vibiest coolest bands tablets came out with melissa godoy nieto (a long time collaborator of ours) also steven tenney was there working on a new play.

listening to: alice coltrane and the amazing saxophonist who blows my fucking mind colin stetson


yesterday in charlottesville va there was a white nationalist march.  it doesn't surprise me one bit that this happens.  trump is just the figurehead.  everyday we come across assholes just like him.  its not about trump, its about all the millions of people that voted for him.  trump just empowers these nationalists and makes them realize that they do in fact have numbers and strength and they are not alone.  well more and more friction happens everyday and with tension comes release.  we'll just find out what that release will be..

listening to:  jinsang  watching tutorials on this sherman filterbank which is helping a lot.  


almost done mixing the new live footage record with nolan.  today we worked on space kush and finished up time's tale.  excited about how the final mix sessions have really glued everything together.  we'll probably book a few more sessions to run everything thru tape at the bunker.  but all in all sounding great.  

got the mastered songs back for new indiana from warren ammerman.  these are all sounding so much better.  we wanted them to all just be pristine and i think we're as close as we can be to that without changing the dna.  

listening to hauschka.  soundtrack to lion was amazing.


went to fire island today.  listened to a flying lotus and nosaj thing some keith ape and dumbfounded.  was thinking about how asians finally have a place that makes sense for them in music.  rock and hip hop always felt like asians were a guest in someone elses home.  electronic music seems to make a lot of sense.  very proud of artists: tokimonsta, nosaj, mndsgn, dumbfounded, shigetos.  there are a lot of asian artists for young asians to look up to these days.  i see this industry having more and more talented kids in the future.


 today i had a mixing session with Live footage.  we have two songs left; the look through sunglasses and space kush.  we messed around with doing these disco cello parts through all tape and they sound like one of those hong kong martial arts movies.  good to know.  also met with rich levinson about collaborating on something very exciting.  

finally figured out that fcb1010 to organelle thing.  it was an update problem which is now solved.  watching nosaj thing's playboy interview.  so good


i learned when i hit my fcb1010 it sends a 'program change' to the organelle and switches patches.  all i have to do is delete the pgmin object...  ok what is the pgmin object... hmm...  my goal was to not go to sleep until this was figured out.  i've written a few friends and some forums but doesn't look like i'm in luck today.. fml.  


just met w james amoros who is building me the baddest pedalboard of all time!  here it is so far can't wait.  

currently listening to:  ian ewing, and constantly rediscovering flying lotus until the quiet comes. 5 stars!



dealing w carpel tunnel (tennis elbow).  great excuse for corean spa + massage + acupuncture also to finally learn all these synths and drum machines more in depth.  

work flow:  trying to get a midi signal out of logic into:  dave smith tempest, organelle, and 3 gibson echoplexes.  right now every time i hit my fcb1010 it screws up my organelle sync.  figured out how to send a ghost beat out of tempest into my juno60 to trigger the arpeggiator finally.  also learned how to connect my apogee quartet and duet together to have 6 analog inputs.  i'll be getting my roland re301 (space echo) back from jon hildenstein here in a few days.  

at apotheke lester shaw and mckenzie frye sat in with us.  they are two amazing musicians.  suddenly i felt blessed to be a part of a night where so many cool talented spirits come otu.  

listening to:  malik abdul-rahmaan