i just ordered a patchbay with some cables and a new wah wah. i need some more filter range for those sweeps and also need some extra volume.  currently i'm having to hit my distortion to boost my signal a little bit.  i'm excited to get the patchbay up and running and finally able to really manipulate my signal path to the fullest.  i think i finally mapped out a good one while i sat at grumpy cafe today with danny. so basically i'll have everything going into a mixer (juno60, rs09, cello, organelle) the left side goes into the left of my ehx stereo delay pedal which continues to the rest of my pedalboard and into another mixer into my echoplex 1 into another set of pedals into my echoplex 2 into my amp into input 1 to be recorded.  the right side of the mixer goes into the right of my ehx delay into my echoplex 3 and into input 2 to be recorded.  i'll put the Fx of the mixer into my re301 tape echo and maybe sherman filterbank once i learn how to use it.

here is a horrible pic of it

here is a horrible pic of it

danny showed me some midi stuff he's been working on.  basically his computer can predict what he's gonna sing with almost 0 latency.  here is a little video of it

last night at apotheke was great.  liz from one of the vibiest coolest bands tablets came out with melissa godoy nieto (a long time collaborator of ours) also steven tenney was there working on a new play.

listening to: alice coltrane and the amazing saxophonist who blows my fucking mind colin stetson