at apotheke last night chris marshall was playing some dirty beaches.  today i listened to his music all day, took walks to his music and put it on between every break i took while practicing.  really amazing music and definitely the vibe that i try and create.  also have been really into monster rally, war, and watching this lecture series at harvard by herbie hancock here.  .  also live footage is seeing if we can work with an amazing photographer renato d'agostin.  we went to his studio and were blown away.

a few days ago i just had a recording session with a good friend and amazing sax player danny meyer.  he brought a few friends: colin stranahan (drums), tyler gilmore (electronics and keyboards), kenny warren (trumpet), miho hatori (fx and vocals) and lonnie holley (vocals and piano).  it was definitely a lot of fun and a great experience.  lonnie holley really amazed with his simplicity and beauty of keys and voice.