dealing w carpel tunnel (tennis elbow).  great excuse for corean spa + massage + acupuncture also to finally learn all these synths and drum machines more in depth.  

work flow:  trying to get a midi signal out of logic into:  dave smith tempest, organelle, and 3 gibson echoplexes.  right now every time i hit my fcb1010 it screws up my organelle sync.  figured out how to send a ghost beat out of tempest into my juno60 to trigger the arpeggiator finally.  also learned how to connect my apogee quartet and duet together to have 6 analog inputs.  i'll be getting my roland re301 (space echo) back from jon hildenstein here in a few days.  

at apotheke lester shaw and mckenzie frye sat in with us.  they are two amazing musicians.  suddenly i felt blessed to be a part of a night where so many cool talented spirits come otu.  

listening to:  malik abdul-rahmaan