new indiana is a pet project with guitarist and vocalist randy bergida.  randy and i have played together in various projects beginning in 1999 in tucson, arizona.  from there we had a band (skidmore fountain) that moved to portland, oregon and arrived eventually arrived in nyc in 2004.  that band broke up in 2007 but we formed new indiana shortly after.  we started as a high end boutique ceremony and cocktail band for weddings.  we wanted to learn as many of our favorite tunes and have memorized and made interesting arrangements and recordings (covers) of 100's of tunes including sigur ros, bjork, radiohead, four tops, wilco, elvis, beatles, beach boys, bob dylan, donavan as well as many other genres including bossa nova, gypsy jazz, choro (brazil) and klezmar music.  this band is an autobiographical depiction through our lens and our ongoing friendship and journey together.  we're planning on releasing our first album next year in 2018.


please check out our website for more tracks and shows/tours: newindianamusic.com